The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Changing Asset Management Requirements. Roop Lutchman

Future proofing your Asset Management Program and preparing for the radical emerging changes associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The world has witnessed three major Industrial Revolutions in the past 200 years. The First saw agrarian and rural societies became industrial and urban. The Second was a period of growth for pre-existing industries and expansion of new energy intensive ones used to create mass production. The Third saw the advancement of technology from analog, electronic and mechanical devices to digital technology. These had major impacts on the design and management of assets used for the production of goods and services. We are now into the Fourth that builds on the Digital Revolution, representing new ways in which technology becomes embedded within societies. It is marked by emerging technology breakthroughs in a number of fields (e.g. artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, and autonomous vehicles). These all have significant implications for asset managers as requirements will be very different from the past. This thirst for and easy access to knowledge will see a need for data standardisation and integration. Customers will leverage easily available information, becoming smart, savvy and engaged. There will be a need for changing policy, political focus and investment priorities. This presentation explores these changing requirements and provides multi-disciplinary approaches to meet these new and emerging business drivers.

Roop is a Principal and the Global Lead for Asset Advisory Services at GHD. He has over 36 years of combined management consulting and industry experience.  Roop is a professional engineer, project management professional and a recognised industry expert in the advisory services area with specific focus in Asset Management, Business Optimization, Knowledge & Information Management Solutions, and Project Management.  He is the author of three books on these subjects, published by DESTech Publishers: Computerized Work Management Systems for Utilities and Plant Operations (2003), Sustainable Asset Management (2006) and Creating and Managing Sustainable Organisations (2011).   Roop was also a contributing author to the latest version of the IIMM manual. He is passionate about helping clients make the right decisions and develop the best solutions for their business.


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