Workshop Six: Future Cities

Public Transport and the ride hail disruption and its role in our future cities
Gavin O’Connor,  Stantec

What does the future city look like and what role does public transport play?  Does it have to be public transport?  Arguably, the private sector is already showing how to integrate and deliver efficient, effective and convenient transport to our communities better than we ever have… and they’re making a buck from it too!  What could this mean for our future cities?

Following a tour of USA, UK and Europe to explore the developments in Autonomous and Connected Autonomous Vehicles, Gavin presents an insightful overview of the global disruption observed of the ride hail companies and their role in the public transport of the future and the implications for our cities.

The presentation includes discussion on the significant impacts the ride hail companies have made to more traditional public transport services and how the ride hail companies are planning and positioning their offering for the supply of future autonomous door-to-door public transport services.  A thought piece discussion on how to harness this movement to create better access for our customers and more liveable cities for all.

Gavin started his career in the United Kingdom working in local government developing transport strategies and policies to support development and growth.  More recently he has worked in New Zealand delivering Transportation Planning and Engineering solutions for public and private clients right across New Zealand.

Having joined Stantec as an Engineer in 2010, Gavin’s natural leadership ability and drive for continuous improvement has seen him experience rapid development and growth leading to his appointment to General Manager in December 2017.  In this role Gavin leads a team of 220 Transportation professionals to define and implement the strategies that will drive the future of transportation infrastructure and advance communities across New Zealand, today and tomorrow. He is a Bachelor Qualified Civil Engineer, Masters Qualified Transportation Planner, Chartered Professional Engineer and International Professional Engineer and a Chartered Member of Engineering New Zealand.

The Journey of the Tāmaki Waka
Tracey Wadsworth, Tāmaki Redevelopment Company


Tāmaki is the largest urban regeneration project in New Zealand, creating a thriving, attractive, sustainable and self-reliant community where the future looks brighter for residents of today and tomorrow. It starts now, with over 7,500 new homes being built over the next 20 years. Tāmaki will unlock potential like no other district in the region.

Tāmaki Regeneration Company (TRC) has an opportunity to change lives through improving the lived  experience; The people of Tāmaki can look forward to a warm dry safe home.  As a new Property Asset Owner TRC had, no asset and property systems, no processes and minimal staff to manage 2,800 existing state homes, and generate 7,500 new state, market and affordable homes.
From the 1st April 2016 it had a clear mandate to transform Tamaki for its existing tenants and residents as well as a new wave of residents moving in to newly created homes – a new community.
The Asset System and processes were set up to not just manage the homes, but to enable transformation of the portfolio through the regeneration programme.
Effective decision making through the capture of property data including typology, house size, legal land parcel information, GIS and redevelopment programming is at the heart of the day to day management of the properties. This also helps plan regeneration activities, this presentation highlights how the two activities can work together.

Tracey is a property and finance professional with over 25 years’ experience in valuation, corporate real estate, strategic property advisory, property development and infrastructure financing.

Tracey has held senior positions within the Royal Bank of Scotland, CRI and Urban Growth. TRC is an Auckland initiative co-owned by the Crown and Auckland Council.